Art contest: Ready to show your talent ?


The primary objective of Renaissens Publishing House – which only publishes works of the disabled – is to showcase the literary talent of the visually and hearing impaired and those with reduced mobility. The aim is to give them self-confidence and a place in society as AUTHORS.

We ask young people to illustrate the book covers as a way to raise awareness about people with disabilities even if the subject chosen by the author does not refer to his or her particular disability.

A child or young adult who has to illustrate the book of a blind person would want to know how the author managed to accomplish such an anchievement. The same is true of an author who is hearing-impaired and of all those who are wheelchair-bound and do not have the freedom to walk or run. The question young people then ask themselves is: what is their world like? How does their imagination work? How will a blind person who has never been able to see, describe a landscape, how does a deaf person who has never heard, “feel” music, a man who can no longer walk, create characters who will restore the feeling of walking, the feeling of being free and not constrained by one’s body.

If your drawing is selected then we will ask you questions about the drawing process but also about how people with disabilities are treated in your own country. Your name will appear in the book and in French newspapers. You will also receive the symbolic sum of one hundred euros to help you with the purchase of drawing supplies.

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