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Draw the cover of a book distributed in bookstores!

Deadline for submission of your drawings: November25

Important: Important: in order to respect our publication schedule for 2022, note that there will be no deadline extension.
In case we would have not received, by this date, a minimum of 15 projects from young people up to 20 years old , the competition will be open to young people over the age limit. Don't forget to specify your age.

Working title: filming in progress

Book summary 
Christine, a young French woman, forties, European type, medium-length brown hair, accompanied by her guide dog (a beige Labrador) loses her sight.
Her eyes work like a malfunctioning reflex camera, no longer controlling the opening of the diaphragm, constantly altering the sharpness of everything as well as the light. The landscapes in which she walks can then take on unreal, almost fantastic or completely blurred hues, like the paintings of William Turner: a green sky, a yellow sea, etc.  

Place: Brittany, Saint-Malo (note that the town and its buildings are not mentioned. The dunes, the fishing boats stranded on the sand at low tide, the waves at high tide, the coastal path which goes along the cliff.

Characters Christine and her beige Labrador that she holds in a harness like a guide dog.

the author transforms her impaired vision into a scenario (the text). It seems that we stand in the middle of filming a film, like a New Wave shooting (camera, tracking shot…). This unique approach allows you to give free rein to your imagination and to mix elements relating to shooting scenes and Breton landscapes. The sea is omnipresent ( note: there are no palm trees in Brittany), the boats stranded on the sand at low tide, the woman and her dog, the blurry and clear aspect reproducing her vision... This screenplay is followed by a collection of modern and abstract poems predominantly "seaside".

Be careful to leave the first third free (no important objects that could interfere with the insertion of the title and name of the author. Often drawings are discarded for this detail. Also avoid white backgrounds.


A few things to help you:

Saint-Malo – Brittany, France

Hereunder: a William Turner painting