Soft cover
Pages: 160
ISBN : 978-2-491157-04-3
Publisher: Editions Renaissens
Release date: February 28, 2020 
Language: French

Synopsis and biography

Christelle is 21 years old. Born profoundly deaf, she was under surgery at the age of four for a hearing implant and attended an ordinary primary school accessible to deaf people. But accessibility comes at a price, as sign language translation (LSF) is only available a few hours a day. The rest of the time, Christelle drowns in a world of sounds that she does not distinguish. Although effective in other circumstances, her cochlear implant does not allow her to understand the words of her teacher.
In this moving testimony, Christelle provides an overview of the educational difficulties deaf people encounter – 80% of whom are illiterate according to a recent study by the French administration. At what price should deaf people fit in, if it results in suffering, frustration and accentuates the discrimination they already experience on a daily basis?

Through this text, the reader questions the advantages of including deaf people in the ordinary school system. A practice encouraged by public authorities, it seems on the contrary to prevent equal opportunities and accentuate school failure.
Due to education very few deaf people, in France, can write. For this reason this book is unique. Also because it forces the reader to enter an unknown universe where attitudes, group spirit, and emotions are very different. It challenges our assumptions and forces us to take issues deaf people encounter seriously.

Torn between the world of deaf people and the universe of those who hear well, another point should be added to Christelle's biography: her family speaks Thai, Laotian and Chinese. Deprived of her mother tongue, she discovered sign language at the age of three and oral French with a speech therapist.

Christelle is currently studying at a fashion school in Cannes, France, and hopes to one day become a renowned stylist.

The cover design was drawn by Romane Maltese, 20..

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