Soft cover
Pages: 284
ISBN : 978-2-491157-06-7
Publisher: Editions Renaissens
Distributed by SODIS
Release date: June 18, 2020
Language: French

Author's biography

Coming from a humble background, Jacques Priou entered the labor market at the age of 16. This young man, who started out as an errand boy in a bank, was not going to stop there. His remarkable persistence enabled him to climb the social ladder step by step, thanks to intensive evening classes. After a CAP diploma and a professional banking diploma, he obtained a degree in economic studies at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM) and enrolled in law at the University of Paris 13-Tolbiac. He thus acquired a solid education in the fields of economics, finance and law.
Having become a senior executive, his visual impairment resulting from a genetic disease forced him to put an end to his career. He then devoted himself to writing and got involved in associations in order to optimize access to culture for the visually impaired and blind public.
Being from Angers for generations the small countryside cemetery mentioned in the novel houses the burial of his ancestors.

The cover design was drawn by Siobhan Lim, 19.


The death of Mélanie in obscure circumstances… the unexplained disappearance of a tidy young woman… gravediggers robbing corpses... These are some of the puzzles that Commander Verdeau and his team have to solve and they are all mysteriously linked to a small cemetery in the countryside.
The puzzles to be solved by Commander Verdeau and his team all converge on a small countryside cemetery.
With unexpected twists and turns, the clues lead Commander Verdeau and his colleagues to take an interest in the hidden activities of a small provincial clinic.

This thriller, based in the French town of Angers and surrounding areas in France, is full of suspense and humour compelling the reader to dive into this story.

Bookstores: The book is registered on the bookseller's application of all booksellers in France. It can also be printed in the US, UK and Australia.