Soft cover
Pages: 160
ISBN : 9782956236658
ISSN : 2649-8839
Publisher: Editions Renaissens
Release date: October 19, 2018
Language: French

Biographie de l’auteur :

Sophie-Victoire Trouiller was born on the day the Berlin Wall fell. Blind from birth, she discovered political science at the Catholic Institute of Paris where she obtained a master's degree in geopolitics and international security with honors and then a second master's degree in private law at the University of Paris 1. Perfectly independent, she has all the technologies that allow her to function effectively. Her main qualities are precision, speed and listening.


Tell a story to envisage peace? This concept of reconciliation immediately seems provocative or infantilizing for those who have lived through a civil war. How can antagonistic groups be asked to weave new bonds from a story that everyone knows is fictitious, when several of them have committed the worst atrocities? However, to exist, a nation must unite its inhabitants around a common future. National narratives therefore have only one goal: to build a collective memory through which this future can be programmed. The objective of this work is to examine which narrative strategies should be pursued to restore communication links between groups and how to transmit these discourses to future generations. Beyond this peace process, this essay invites us to question the stories that emerge every day, that are imposed on us and that seem to apply themselves. But for how long? This is the question that we ask ourselves after this reading which arouses real awareness.

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