International drawing competition
Dead line: June 30, 2022

Design the cover of our
next book: “Tribulations of a hearing impaired” (working title)

"Tribulations of a hearing impaired" (working title), transcribes the life of Jessica, a courageous and ambitious woman. Deprived of a large part of her hearing, she has always struggled to integrate into society. (see food for thought below).
The story begins on the school benches where she has a reputation as the top of the class. She always sits in the front row so she can hear and lip read. The beginnings are difficult: she struggles to integrate and live like the other children. Despite her hearing impairment, she studied the piano from an early age and would not have hearing aids until the age of twenty.
To express her revolt against deafness, she decides to follow her passion and choose the profession for which she apparently has no chance: music teacher, which makes some people laugh. Determined, she achieves this by brilliantly overcoming all the obstacles and obtaining the diplomas required to teach in college and high school.
Married to a man she loves, the rest of her adult life is marked by a series of daily challenges: reading lips, deciphering snippets of sentences, adapting to a noisy environment (parties), or avoiding a series of misunderstandings during discussions.
When she removes her “ears” as she says (hearing aids), she finds herself isolated, losing her bearings.
In short, Jessica's life is a daily struggle, yet she draws fresh energy from long hikes in the mountains of her home region in the French Alps.
She currently works with Deaf and hard of hearing people.

This book falls under the "general literature" classification. It will be sold in all bookstores in France and online. The Renaissens publishing house is a member of the National Publishing Association (SNE)
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Undermentioned are a few tips to help you better illustrate deafness.

First o all, you should know that Jessica, the main character, is blonde.
Hand against an ear, expression of incomprehension, of questioning

Musical surrounding

hearing aids